Yahoo! Mail SMTP Server Setting on iPhone via SmartFren

As mobile data provider SmartFren blocks port 25 and 465 for outbound connections to various email servers, one has to modify the smtp server setting to utilize port 587.

This article is for Yahoo! email setting on an iPhone by using port 587.

Start with Settings the “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” then select the particular Yahoo email to modify, then select “Outgoing Mail Server” to get the following screen:


Then click on “Add Server… ” and fill the next screen with “” on “Host Name”, put your Yahoo! username (without, and the correct password. Then press on the “Save” icon on upper right of the screen to start the Verifying phase:


This phase will take around 2 minutes, be patient as it will try on port 25 until times out, then port 465 also till timed out, then finally port 587. But on port 587 will also fail, for the reason SSL is not used. You will get the following message:


Go ahead select “Yes” to set the connection without SSL (but still using port 587), and you will get back to the SMTP server list:


To complete the process, go ahead press “Account” icon then “Done”.

Now your outbound Yahoo! emails will use this server. Please note as the Mail app will try on port 465 first, it will wait until time-out before using port 587, thus there will be a delay in sending emails out.

Technical info :
– port: 587
– SSL: no

Good luck, Yono



One Response to “Yahoo! Mail SMTP Server Setting on iPhone via SmartFren”

  1. Nidiang Says:

    Hi,Yono. Tenkyu. Akhirnya bisa kirim via email yahoo di iphone 4 ku , yang tadinya hanya bisa terima. Port nya betul 587. Dan username ku tetap aku pakai tapi tetap bisa.
    Untuk akun gmail gak ada masalah terima dan kirim email.

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